Societalism is not projectionism, the idea that individuals form an idea of the external world by projecting their own internal beliefs onto it. Projectionism can only be applied consistently by those in positions of power, and another word for that is socialism.

Societalism is, in some ways, the very opposite of projectionism, because it is not "might makes right", but rather "right make might". It is about soft power, rather than hard power.

A socialist is someone who projects ("projectionism") his views on the powerless through propaganda, and/or the use of force.

A societalist is someone who may have an opinion (which he calls a "theory", and he understands he may be wrong), but he is still dialectically open ("dialecticism") to other plausible opinions (other theories).

Societalists, like dialecticists, are those who practice the art of logical discussion as employed in investigating the truth of a theory or opinion (logical argumentation).

Socialists, like projectionists, are those who avoid all discussion or investigation.

Societalists intend to resolve differences between two views in a larger effort to ascertain truth.

Socialists would rather establish one view as true, regardless of whether it is true, or even plausible.

Societalists say "I think, therefore I am", and are thus Descartian (or Cartesian).

Socialists say "I am, therefore I don't need to think", and are thus Discordian.

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