Are the costs of capitalism social or societal?

Few, if any corporations absorb the full cost of their operations, the author of the article below concludes.

Corporations shove many of their costs onto the (natural) environment, the public sector (not really true, because organisations like Greenpeace never cleaned up or repaired the environment, only made a few environmentalists wealthier, and this is environmentalist hypocrisy of the charitable sector, so imagine the statist hypocrisy of the public sector), and distant — ie grassroots, natural, or organic — third parties.

However, the word "social" the author uses, not being fully educated about societalism and its improved epistemology, is also inherently deceptive, because the assumption is that corporations make all the profits, while the "social", meaning everybody — more in harmony with nature and not; politically influential and not — is stuck with the costs.

Not quite. The costs are actually entirely discharged on "society", which is made up primarily of — grassroots, natural, organic, and... — powerless individuals, families, small communities and groups, thus the costs are entirely "societal" or "societalistic", not "social" or "socialistic", and the profits are entirely "political" or "oligarchic", ie entirely of the few, of the "one percent", which live lives entirely distant from the anti-societal and anti-environmental effects they produce.

The beneficiaries of politics are largely the political class or the "officials". The beneficiaries of business are largely the business class or the "officers". The same can be said of the beneficiaries of (false) religion and the "clergy".

Not only do both governments and businesses use and pollute the natural environment entirely for their benefit, and their benefit alone, but they also use, and have a predominantly nefarious effect on natural societies. There is absolutely no scientific or scholarly evidence that big government, big business, or big religion is beneficial to the "ninety-nine percent".

The Social Costs of Capitalism

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HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]