Feminism is another political word like socialism, like capitalism.

The latter words mean more government and less economic equality, not more economic equality; more government and less economic wealth, not more economic wealth.

The former word, on the other hand, means more government and less gender equality, not more gender equality.

Societalism does not prefix the word “government” to anything, and does not actually impose anything on anyone else, on any other family, or on any other community or group.

Societalism is a philosophy which attempts to take care of the economic needs of everyone, and the needs for justice for everyone, regardless of where they live, and which is their gender.

Societalism not only doesn’t treat men or women in preferential ways, but also doesn’t treat married people better than singles; doesn’t assume that single people cannot adopt children; or that “a man and a women” is always the perfect option for children, who in reality need plenty of caring and compassionate family and community guardians to ensure their health and safety.

Societalism is really preferential only towards true professionals, regardless of their gender, and true organisations, which are not automatically assumed better if they are non-profit, because there are plenty of de facto for profit organisations that are treated like de jure non-profits, yet like most criminal governments, these organisations only benefit the few receiving perks and/or a salary.

The only people that criminal governments benefit are “officials”. The only people that criminal organisations benefit, whether for profit or non-profit, are “officers”.

Societalism has a bias only towards knowledgeable or true professionals, and towards organisations which serve individual, family, and community needs with distinction and pride.

Societalism, in essence, is not entitlement or supremacy for a particular government; for a particular business; for a particular religion; for despotic aliens instead of helpful neighbours; for dysfunctional families instead of caring professionals; or for men instead of women.

Societalism is thus the best humanity, without the worst hypocrisy.

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